Lajpat wale Dolma Aunty ke Momos

Dolma Aunuty ke Momos

Dolma Aunuty ke Momos

“Heaven,” Khushboo and I said together, looking at each other and smiling and licking the spicy chatnee on our lips.

What a day it was….

I still remember it was Wednesday, a day on which we both had only 1 lecture class. After the lecture, we had the free time so we decided to go to Lajpat to try Dolma Aunties Momos, which I hadn’t tried before and Khushboo promised me to take me there.

It wasn’t a very quite day, sky covered with dark clouds ready to rain with crackling sound of the thunder. Well we decided to take metro as parking your car is always a headache if you are going to Lajpat. So before leaving I went to my car to pick the umbrella (which later turned out to be a good decision).

To save the time we took a shortcut to Okhla metro station. Boarded the metro… It was almost a year I had not traveled in metro and wow my metro card had expired. So I got it renewed and yayy we were all set to go. Well it was a bit boring to travel in separate compartment as Khushboo decided to take the ladies coach. Anyway we reached Lajpat Nagar metro station. Sky got even more dark and the droplet of rain fell on our forehead as we came out of the metro station.

I guess the Dolma Aunties Momos stall is approx 200 meters from the metro station, if one takes the shortcuts from Lajpat ki galiyaan.

Umm…we were almost half way there and Indra dev finally opened the water gates. Rain… Rain… Rain. Luckily we reached there and the momos stall was safe under the over head tent. We hurried under the tent with some relief and asked the guy to serve us 1 plate of Chicken Momos.

And with the first piece of chicken momo that got into our mouth, the word “Heaven” came out of our mouth with smile on our face and spicy chatnee on our lips. We both were fast and hungry enough to wipe all the pieces in 5 minutes. “1 aur chicken momos ki plate bhaiya” Khushboo said. By the time bhaiya served us another plate, we both discussed how awesome the momos are. They were so soft and the shredded chicken really fresh and nicely prepared. Bhaiya was ready with the second plate of momos and he handed it over to me. And we attacked the plate once again, finishing it within few minutes.

The sound of the rain falling on the tent and the smell of momos were so perfect. And we asked the bhaiya to serve another plate. This time bhaiya was quick enough to serve the plate quickly. We both were sweating as it got humid under the tent. Also the spicy chatnee made us sweat. But I guess Khushboo was sweating more than me. I still remember her nose. She said its because of the chatnee. Once we finished our third plate we looked at each other. Thinking can we go for one more plate. Are we ready ? Can we ? And then we ordered another plate and started eating.

Finally in the plate, 1 last piece was left. I asked Khushboo to have it. But she said no HK you have come for the first time so you should eat it. So I got the last piece and I some how finished it. My stomach was already full, touching its limit. Surprisingly we managed to finish this plate as well but unlike other three plates, it took us more time to finish it.

We look like crazy monsters eating 4 plates of momos. But I guess it’s was our non veg love and momos love than gave us the power and capacity to eat 4 plates of chicken momos. Though we are not crazy foodie monster….our physique says it. (The proof that we are not monsters).

4 plates costed us Rs.200 and Khushboo didn’t even allow me to pay. She said its my treat HK. Please you wont be paying. This is one thing that I really hate. When the girl don’t let you pay. Anyway I respected her feelings and allowed her to pay.

It was still raining and my umbrella came to our rescue. Not a total rescue as it was a small umbrella, but to certain extent it saved us from getting totally wet. We both walked quickly trying our best to reach the metro station ASAP. And we finally reached the station, half wet but still laughing.

What an experience it was. Awesome momos… excellent weather… amazing friend.

Finally we did the Hi 5… said Good Bye and boarded the metro. Again Khushboo was travelling in the ladies coach. I got off the metro on Govindpuri metro station as I had to go back to the college to pick my car. It was still raining and I once again got wet.

But I was so happy. So thrilled. It was one of the best day I had spent. A day full of crazy things, nice outing and precious time well spent with a special friend.

This day for sure goes down as one the best day of my life. A day I’ll always remember… a place I’ll always remember and the memories that I’ll always cherish.