Some friends forget … Some move away…. Why ?


“Some friends forget…
Some move away…
Some keep silent…
Some just change…”

Well, at times I wonder why do our old friends forget us and completely move away from us. The friends who used to hangout and share their ups and downs with you, with time they fade out.

Amm… I don’t know if I am right or wrong. But what I think is…

Life is like a train journey and all the people you meet are your fellow passengers with different destinations. You travel together, share joy and grief. And you bid goodbyes when someone’s destination arrives and then never see each other. And everyone constantly keeps travelling on a never ending journey with new passengers.

So until and unless we meet a co-passenger who’s destination is same as that of our’s, this never ending journey will continue and we will come across the people who will bid adieu to us.

Hope to meet a passenger with same destination !



New Friend… New Journey


“Once Strangers… Now Friends…”

According to me, this journey that starts from being strangers to becoming friends is one of the most interesting journey. A journey that helps you to discover and explore a person who eventually becomes your friend.

Few months back I started one such journey, when I met a girl at my office. Well I don’t know why but from the very 1st day when I met her, I could sense something different about her. Something very unique… something that cant be described.

Initially I never even bothered to say ‘Hi’ to her. Maybe because I was shy or maybe because I found her scary 😛 Moreover I never thought that I’ll be talking to her as we were in different teams. But eventually somehow we interacted. I still remember the day when we actually talked for the very 1st time and I got to know a little about her. Where she worked earlier…. what she did… where she is from. Again the way she told everything, it was so different. Ammm….I guess it was the unique calmness in her voice. And after that conversation I think I was less hesitant.

Then there was our Office Party “JASHAN”, which actually played a very important role, because it was that day after which we actually started talking. With every passing day we started exploring new things about each other, discovering each others interests and various things. We both shared our life stories, had various stupid discussions and what not.

And over this course of time I realized that really she is so different from others. After such a long time once again I found a person who was so modest, simple and understanding. Someone with whom I could share things and discuss various stuffs. A person who had time to listen to my crap and faltu stuff 😛

Its so amazing to know a person who shares some common interests and is like minded. I still don’t know how to describe this feeling. Its something that is so hard to pen down.

Also thanks to her, now I have someone with whom I can go for coffee 😛 😀 and chat when m bored like hell after coming from office. Its so strange but it has become a routine for me…coming back home and having some chit chat after having dinner until she sleeps (which is always around 10:30 pm) XD. And i’d much rather have one great person to talk to every night than have several pointless conversation with temporary people.

Well its an amazing feeling to have such an awesome person as my friend and I actually feel so lucky that I met her and got to know her.

Though I don’t expect her to have a similar feeling and moreover I don’t even know whether she counts me as a GOOD FRIEND of her or not. For me what matters is that.. she considers me her FRIEND. And that’s enough for me.

Well… I might look and sound stupid writing this post. But its worth writing as it will for sure go down as an important life event for me 🙂

And I wish we stay friends and our friendship grows even stronger 🙂 And the most important thing… I don’t end up irritating , suffocating and pissing her off with my stupidity XD

THANKS a lot NG…. U r amazing 😀 🙂 :* ^_^  

When you find a like minded person…


You may be a unique person with unique interests. But you might not have people in your life to share these interests with. I always wonder where are these people hiding.

Well luckily recently I met one such person at my office. Though I won’t call our first meeting best of the meeting as I was sitting at her workstation and surely it would have pissed her off. Anyway that day I got to know her name 😛

Since we were not in the same team, I never got a chance to interact much with her. But thanks to office events and parties, luckily over a period of time I got to know her. And it was then we got to discuss some topics of common interests and discovered common interest area. It was so good to know that she had interest in Indian mythology and I got someone with whom I could discuss and share my thoughts. It’s simply amazing when I get to discuss about Mahabharata with her. All the facts… the stories…. the events…everything is so much fun.

Well…I still feel so strange that I just found a person with such an interest. Someone who do not discuss boring stuff about technology or coding or startup ideas in today’s IT diseased world.

God its simply unique !!

PS: This is so exciting to be friend with such a person. And my level of excitement can be judged from the fact that I just decided to write a post on this… 😛 😀

I wish I get to discover few more common interest area and a bunch of like minded people.

What is the opposite of Love ?


A few days back one of my friend proposed a girl. But the girl said no to him because she loved someone else. That day while coming back to home I was wondering when love is not there, then what is there. And what is the opposite of love ?

But before we try to explore the opposite of love, we need to understand what is love ! Well I’ll write what I think love is, the way I think of it.

According to me love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. More importantly, it can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. Attraction and attachment are the two most important things in love.

Well now we have an idea of what love is. So lets look out for the opposite of love. Its been on various occasions when I have asked my friends what is the opposite of love. And they say its HATE.

Yes. for most of the people the opposite of Love is Hate. But is it so ?

No, I don’t think so. Hate can never be the opposite of love. According to me its Apathy. When you simply don’t bother about that person. Hate is just love gone bad. But the actual opposite is apathy because when attraction and attachment leads to love, ignorance and lack of interest can only best define opposite of love. Hating someone means thinking about them and  passionately focusing your time and energy on them. Where as in the case of apathy we simply don’t care. And this is what actually hurts the most and is the true opposite of love.

“So Opposite of Love is not Hate. Its Apathy ! “

Fun @Office | UX Workshop


UX – User Experience.

User eXperience (UX) is about how a person feels about using a system.

Well UX is actually more interesting than this definition. And not only this, UX is the team which I have joined at Newgen.

UX is all about designing and developing cool and amazing things that can improve the users experience and give them delight.

Few days back a UX workshop was organised at Newgen for the employees of Newgen. Different people from different product teams were nominated for this workshop. Luckily I was the one who was nominated from the UX team. So we were total 15 people who were part of this workshop. It was a 2 weeks long workshop, whose aim was to teach employees the right approach of product development by incorporating good design practices in them.

For the first few days workshop seemed a bit boring to everyone as it was mostly all about video lectures and presentations. But soon this boredom turned into excitement when an activity was assigned to all of us. We all were divided into 5 teams of 3 members each and then we were asked to design a mobile app for ordering pizza.


So in my team I had SURUCHI and POOJA with me. We discussed what all can be done and then we began with collecting the resources.  It was at the time of designing the journey map, we decided to give a name to our application. After thinking a lot, we finalized a name. And the name was YOLO Pizza. YOLO: You Only Live Once 😛

I guess it was the name that was quite catchy and attention seeking. So during this we formed our whatsapp group to discuss ideas and other things related to the task. Well it was also named YOLO :D. We planned that we’ll use it to do useful discussion but we ended up doing faltuuuu chit chats.

But at the end we designed an amazing app, which was liked by every one and got appraisal from the trainer.

Thanks to this task I not only learned new things but also met two new friends- Suruchi and Pooja. Also it was fun to find a friend like Suruchi, with whom I keep doing YOLO YOLO on chat and when ever we see each other at office.

Also I can recall a day when we were done with our Pizza app task and then we were listening to our trainers lecture which was again boring. During the lecture I, Suruchi and Pooja were chatting with each other by writing on notepad. It was again fun and a great experience, something worth remembering.

Now after the Pizza app task the teams were recreated. This time 3 teams were formed with 5 members in each team. I had Aastha, Preeti, Ashutosh and Sakshi in my team. Well I felt bad when the teams were recreated as I could no longer work with my YOLO teammates. Anyway we couldn’t have done anything except accepting our new teams.

This time we were asked to design a webapp for a travel website. Again we all were supposed to do all the things that we did earlier while we were designing the pizza app. So again we started working on the problem and within 3 days designed the webapp. We named our app humSafar with the tag line ” Zindagi na milegi doobara”. Even in this app, I wanted to keep some element of YOLO. And I guess you must be knowing that Zindagi na milegi doobara is the hindi version of You only live once !

Well I have another interesting thing to share. We named our persona RAJNIKANTH. Let me tell you what persona is. Persona is a hypothetical / pseudo user, that will use our app. So we named it Rajnikanth just to add some humor.

So at the end we had our final presentation and we showcased our work. At the end our workshop turned into an art and craft workshop, with everyone trying all possible ways to make their presentation creative and appealing.

Okay so coming back to the final presentation. All the 3 teams presented their work and explained their idea and the flow of their application. We were the last one to present and I guess our work acted as a show stopper. Every one including the trainer liked our work and we got lot of praise from our colleagues.

Also it was decided in the beginning that the team who will design the best application will be given some kind of award. So now it was the judgement time. People were asked to vote for the app that they found to be the best one. Well once voting was done and vote counting process was done, results were declared. Our application humSafar was judged to be the best app and our team won the first prize. Not only this, I was awarded the best performer award, which for me was a big achievement. Its always special to win an award that too at your company. I guess this is one achievement that i’ll always remember.


Finally this amazing and fun filled 2 weeks journey of UX workshop came to an end. A journey that will be missed. Specially the things that we learnt and the fun time that we had.

I hope I’ll get many more opportunities to be part of such interesting and amazing events in the coming days at Newgen.

Away From Home – Missing Home :(


On 30th May I left my house to stay at Daisy Homes, the guest house offered by Newgen. All the 13 new recruits had to stay at the companies guest house for the residential training and I was one of those 13.

Well this was the first time I had to stay away from my home. Even in my college days, I never stayed in the hostel. So it was a completely new feeling for me.

Amm… in the beginning I was quite excited about it. I had the feeling that it will be fun to stay away from home. Well in the first week, it was fun to be at the guest house away from the home. But this fun didn’t last very long. Soon I started missing my home, moms food, my shower, my room, my bed and even my car.

Also we had nothing to do at the guest house, so the things were boring and monotonous over there. And in case you are staying away for the very first time, you tend to get bored more easily.

Unlike me my other 12 mates were enjoying their stay at the guest house as they all had spent 4 years of there college life in hostel. For them it was a great place. Rather the best place they have been in last 4 years. But for me it was more like a jail. A boring jail that made me miss my home every day.

But thank God now our training is about to finish in 3 days and after that I’ll be free from this jail and will return back to my home sweet home. Though I enjoyed staying away, sharing room with someone and having breakfast & dinner with 12 people was a new and memorable experience that I’ll always remember but nothing can be better that your own house.

At the end of the day what makes you happy is your home !!

3 days to go 😀 Yayyy… I’ll be back to my place ^_^

PS: The Guest house where I am staying is HAUNTING !! So I want to get back as soon as possible 😛

Only 3 Things Matter…


” In the end, only three things matter: How much you loved, How gently you lived, and How gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you. “

Usually, I think it’s silly to try and condense life down to three easy steps. Life is vast, complicated and unpredictable. Sometimes life just doesn’t make any sense.

Another way in which I look at this quote is:

” In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go? “

Still it’s a good piece of advice, no matter how it is worded. So lets look at it.

First thing that matters is how much you loved. I think what is being said here is it’s important to allow love to be the basis for our thoughts, words and deeds. We should be able to treat anyone with loving kindness, even if they are not related to us or in a relationship with us – in fact, especially if they are not.  Treating people with love doesn’t have to mean letting people into our lives.  It may simply mean refraining from judging a person.  This is often harder than it looks.

Second thing that matters is how gently you lived. Ok so what does this mean ? Amm… the way I can look at it is-  the best way to live a life is by leaving a small footprint on the earth instead of leaving behind a big mess for others to clean up.

Third thing that matters is letting go of things. This is something according to me that matters the most because there are hell lot of things in this world that we need to let go of. I guess money and material possessions are at the top of my list in the things to let go of. Why ? Because you cant take them with you once your tenure on this planet ends. Making it simple, you cant carry your money and other precious items once you are dead. So why not now ?

Next thing that one should learn to let go of is the relationships. This is another thing that people find extremely difficult to let go of. On this planet we all came alone when we were born and have to go alone when we die. So no matter how much you love someone or how much someone is precious to you, best thing that should be done is let go of.

Whether its love or a career or friendship, sometimes the best thing we can do is to end that part of our life with a period and start a new chapter.

Did I apply it in my life ?

Well Yes !

Earlier I was too attached with the materialistic things. I had people and things whom I loved and lived my life gently. But I always felt bad when someone who mattered most to me left. But then eventually I realized, the best thing that I can do is to let go of the things that were not for me. And when I realized and followed this, I felt and saw the change in myself. A positive change.  A change that made me feel good about myself and the life. A change that  actually brought the change.

So in the end only three things matter !