The Wish List



I wish… you wish… we all wish.

Wishing is one of the most beautiful thing that we do. There are so many things that you want in life….various things that you want to experience, the things that you feel will make you happy. These things can be very small or quite big at times and these things together form the wish list. Actually I personally feel, smaller the wish the better it is.

I didn’t had many… but yes few were there. Some got fulfilled some did not.

My very good friend Jyotsana used to tell me about the Bhelpoori she make… the Ice Cream wali coffee, Chole Bhatoore that made and once brought it to college.

I so badly wanted all of these. I asked JB to prepare all these things for me. Well I was lucky enough to get the chance to have the Bhelpoori when I went to her place. But unfortunately never got the chance to have the Choley Bhatoore and Ice Cream wali coffee.

I also loved the Chocolate cake that she once brought. I asked her to make another one for me on my B’Day. But again I wasn’t that lucky. Missed the chance to enjoy a yummy chocolate cake.

I always wanted to go on a night out with JB. We both went to PVR Saket to watch Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. 9:45pm wala show that ended at 12:30 and then full night movie editing in the Btech lab and roaming around in college and 4:30 am wali SERCO ki maggie. Amazing night it was !!

Then in my wish list I had a wish to watch my friend Khushboo perform a live dance. I so badly wanted to see her dance. I even missed the opportunity when she performed in Cadence’12 and won the first prize. Well Khushboo is an amazing dancer. I saw her video and from that day I became fan of her dancing. I guess she tried her best to perform on my college farewell, but due to some reason she couldn’t. Hard Luck. Now I wonder when I’ll get the chance to see her dance.

I always wanted to go to Lajpat to eat Dolma Aunty Momos. This was in my wish list. Thank God KM and I were able to find time for this. I guess we went 3-4 times and enjoyed the chicken momos.  Thanks to KM I could enjoy Dolma Aunty ke momos.

Next wish was to record the song Bezubaan from the movie ABCD with Khushboo. We both loved this song. We once decided that before the college gets over, we will record this song. I was quite excited about it but I guess m really not good with luck. We both were so busy with the projects and other stuff, we couldn’t find time for it.

Before I move onto my next wish, I’ll tell something about the farewell customs of my college. At the time of farewell juniors give mementos to their seniors. So mostly a junior who is a good friend of that senior goes to the stage to give him the memento.

Well even I wished for my junior friend to come and give me the farewell memento. Umm… Khushboo being my bestest friend and my junior, I wished that she would come to present me the memento. Even today I am unable to figure out what happened that day. What went wrong. Most of the juniors who had their senior friend went to present them the memento. But in my case it wasn’t my friend Khushboo who presented me the memento. Some random guy gave me the memento. I still wonder why didn’t she come. A question that will remain unanswered. A question that will always trouble me. Even I didn’t ask her about it. And I plan not to ask her about it in the future as well. At times you just have to accept that a wish just remains a wish… unfulfilled !

Coming to my next wish of the wish list. It was to spend a day with my friend KM, whom I really considered my bestest. I told her to keep a day for me before I graduate from the college and join the company. Amm… I really wanted a day with my best friend but haha… my luck. It is one of those things which I don’t have. Also I guess those last few weeks before the end of the semester didn’t go that well. Unfortunately this will also remain unfulfilled.

And now my final wish. I wish to see my friend KM placed in a very good company before 14th September. I have asked her to try her best do so. And I really hope that this wish gets fulfilled. I guess i’ll get more happiness if this gets fulfilled.

So what we have in our hand is to wish. But the wish gets fulfilled or not is based on your luck. At times you are lucky whereas at times you are not. That’s how things go. I do feel sad that few wishes were left unfulfilled but I am more happy for those which got fulfilled. And I still wish and hope that some day in the future the wishes that are left unfulfilled will get fulfilled and i’ll strike them out in my wish list.

Cheers 🙂