Fun @Office | UX Workshop


UX – User Experience.

User eXperience (UX) is about how a person feels about using a system.

Well UX is actually more interesting than this definition. And not only this, UX is the team which I have joined at Newgen.

UX is all about designing and developing cool and amazing things that can improve the users experience and give them delight.

Few days back a UX workshop was organised at Newgen for the employees of Newgen. Different people from different product teams were nominated for this workshop. Luckily I was the one who was nominated from the UX team. So we were total 15 people who were part of this workshop. It was a 2 weeks long workshop, whose aim was to teach employees the right approach of product development by incorporating good design practices in them.

For the first few days workshop seemed a bit boring to everyone as it was mostly all about video lectures and presentations. But soon this boredom turned into excitement when an activity was assigned to all of us. We all were divided into 5 teams of 3 members each and then we were asked to design a mobile app for ordering pizza.


So in my team I had SURUCHI and POOJA with me. We discussed what all can be done and then we began with collecting the resources.  It was at the time of designing the journey map, we decided to give a name to our application. After thinking a lot, we finalized a name. And the name was YOLO Pizza. YOLO: You Only Live Once 😛

I guess it was the name that was quite catchy and attention seeking. So during this we formed our whatsapp group to discuss ideas and other things related to the task. Well it was also named YOLO :D. We planned that we’ll use it to do useful discussion but we ended up doing faltuuuu chit chats.

But at the end we designed an amazing app, which was liked by every one and got appraisal from the trainer.

Thanks to this task I not only learned new things but also met two new friends- Suruchi and Pooja. Also it was fun to find a friend like Suruchi, with whom I keep doing YOLO YOLO on chat and when ever we see each other at office.

Also I can recall a day when we were done with our Pizza app task and then we were listening to our trainers lecture which was again boring. During the lecture I, Suruchi and Pooja were chatting with each other by writing on notepad. It was again fun and a great experience, something worth remembering.

Now after the Pizza app task the teams were recreated. This time 3 teams were formed with 5 members in each team. I had Aastha, Preeti, Ashutosh and Sakshi in my team. Well I felt bad when the teams were recreated as I could no longer work with my YOLO teammates. Anyway we couldn’t have done anything except accepting our new teams.

This time we were asked to design a webapp for a travel website. Again we all were supposed to do all the things that we did earlier while we were designing the pizza app. So again we started working on the problem and within 3 days designed the webapp. We named our app humSafar with the tag line ” Zindagi na milegi doobara”. Even in this app, I wanted to keep some element of YOLO. And I guess you must be knowing that Zindagi na milegi doobara is the hindi version of You only live once !

Well I have another interesting thing to share. We named our persona RAJNIKANTH. Let me tell you what persona is. Persona is a hypothetical / pseudo user, that will use our app. So we named it Rajnikanth just to add some humor.

So at the end we had our final presentation and we showcased our work. At the end our workshop turned into an art and craft workshop, with everyone trying all possible ways to make their presentation creative and appealing.

Okay so coming back to the final presentation. All the 3 teams presented their work and explained their idea and the flow of their application. We were the last one to present and I guess our work acted as a show stopper. Every one including the trainer liked our work and we got lot of praise from our colleagues.

Also it was decided in the beginning that the team who will design the best application will be given some kind of award. So now it was the judgement time. People were asked to vote for the app that they found to be the best one. Well once voting was done and vote counting process was done, results were declared. Our application humSafar was judged to be the best app and our team won the first prize. Not only this, I was awarded the best performer award, which for me was a big achievement. Its always special to win an award that too at your company. I guess this is one achievement that i’ll always remember.


Finally this amazing and fun filled 2 weeks journey of UX workshop came to an end. A journey that will be missed. Specially the things that we learnt and the fun time that we had.

I hope I’ll get many more opportunities to be part of such interesting and amazing events in the coming days at Newgen.