First Day of First Job


1st June 2015.

My date of joining. Well I was quite excited about this date. Talking about my excitement, it was so high that I woke up at 5:30 am in the morning and got ready by 6:00 am.

Let me tell you I am not a guy who wakes up so early. I usually wake up at 7. So unlike other days, my excitement made me wake up too early. I did my breakfast and boarded the shuttle bus at 8:40 for the office.

We reached office at 9 am and were welcomed by Newgen officials. We were then given our visitor ID Cards and then we waited at the reception. In a while our HR Mr. Saurav Kadam came to escort us to the training room (URANUS).

Yes URANUS ! Don’t be surprised, we were still on Earth. In Newgen all the training rooms have their names taken from the planets of solar system.

Training room looked amazing. Very nicely decorated and organized. We were then asked to fill some what around 10+ forms. And these forms were so time consuming and irritating, that you feel its a punishment. But finally I filled all the forms and got it verified from the HR.

Then we had a group photograph with other senior officials of the company. I hope I look good in that pic. After the photo session, we had our lunch at the cafeteria. The best part about it was that it was totally free and the food was delicious. They gave us a thali that had Dal, Sabzi, Roti, Rice, Salad and Gulab Jamun in it. After the lunch we had another session with Vidhushi Ma’am. It was a quite interesting session. We were asked to tell something about our-self and the sing a song. Well I didn’t sing. What I did was I recited the poem Waqt Mila toh Sochenge. I guess now I am in love with this poem. Thanks to my choice, I was different from others and my poem helped me to steal the show. This session turned out to be really interesting as we had some interesting discussions and played few games as well. After this we had our final session with Shivam sir, who was a business analyst. I still wonder why this session was organized. A session that was of not much use and was somewhat boring. But I was lucky enough that session was just for half n hour. Once all the sessions were over, we went to the cafeteria once again to have our free evening snacks. It was papdi chaat. Ahahhhh…. it was amazing.

And then we left the office. Walked for 100-200 meters to exit the SEZ Zone and reached the pick up point. Now this turned out to be worst part of the day. I with my other friends waited there for the cab for more than 1 hour and wow only 1 cab came that got filled in 2 minutes. And then I and my friends Amit and Harshit waited for another 30 minutes for the next cab to come. So finally after waiting for around 2 hours, we reached back to Daisy Homes, our company guest house.

The day turned out to be a mixed bag. Few interesting things and few boring things. But it was a day worth remembering. A day for which I waited for 4 years.

Oops I missed one thing…. I met 12 very interesting people. Though I still cant remember names of all the 12. But I guess I know 4-5 names and will soon be able to remember names of all the 12 group mates.


PS: Also this is my first day away from home without my parents with me.

Well at the end it was a day that i’ll always remember. New day, new chapter and a new journey of life has begun.


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