Away From Home – Missing Home :(


On 30th May I left my house to stay at Daisy Homes, the guest house offered by Newgen. All the 13 new recruits had to stay at the companies guest house for the residential training and I was one of those 13.

Well this was the first time I had to stay away from my home. Even in my college days, I never stayed in the hostel. So it was a completely new feeling for me.

Amm… in the beginning I was quite excited about it. I had the feeling that it will be fun to stay away from home. Well in the first week, it was fun to be at the guest house away from the home. But this fun didn’t last very long. Soon I started missing my home, moms food, my shower, my room, my bed and even my car.

Also we had nothing to do at the guest house, so the things were boring and monotonous over there. And in case you are staying away for the very first time, you tend to get bored more easily.

Unlike me my other 12 mates were enjoying their stay at the guest house as they all had spent 4 years of there college life in hostel. For them it was a great place. Rather the best place they have been in last 4 years. But for me it was more like a jail. A boring jail that made me miss my home every day.

But thank God now our training is about to finish in 3 days and after that I’ll be free from this jail and will return back to my home sweet home. Though I enjoyed staying away, sharing room with someone and having breakfast & dinner with 12 people was a new and memorable experience that I’ll always remember but nothing can be better that your own house.

At the end of the day what makes you happy is your home !!

3 days to go 😀 Yayyy… I’ll be back to my place ^_^

PS: The Guest house where I am staying is HAUNTING !! So I want to get back as soon as possible 😛


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