When you find a like minded person…


You may be a unique person with unique interests. But you might not have people in your life to share these interests with. I always wonder where are these people hiding.

Well luckily recently I met one such person at my office. Though I won’t call our first meeting best of the meeting as I was sitting at her workstation and surely it would have pissed her off. Anyway that day I got to know her name 😛

Since we were not in the same team, I never got a chance to interact much with her. But thanks to office events and parties, luckily over a period of time I got to know her. And it was then we got to discuss some topics of common interests and discovered common interest area. It was so good to know that she had interest in Indian mythology and I got someone with whom I could discuss and share my thoughts. It’s simply amazing when I get to discuss about Mahabharata with her. All the facts… the stories…. the events…everything is so much fun.

Well…I still feel so strange that I just found a person with such an interest. Someone who do not discuss boring stuff about technology or coding or startup ideas in today’s IT diseased world.

God its simply unique !!

PS: This is so exciting to be friend with such a person. And my level of excitement can be judged from the fact that I just decided to write a post on this… 😛 😀

I wish I get to discover few more common interest area and a bunch of like minded people.