New Friend… New Journey


“Once Strangers… Now Friends…”

According to me, this journey that starts from being strangers to becoming friends is one of the most interesting journey. A journey that helps you to discover and explore a person who eventually becomes your friend.

Few months back I started one such journey, when I met a girl at my office. Well I don’t know why but from the very 1st day when I met her, I could sense something different about her. Something very unique… something that cant be described.

Initially I never even bothered to say ‘Hi’ to her. Maybe because I was shy or maybe because I found her scary 😛 Moreover I never thought that I’ll be talking to her as we were in different teams. But eventually somehow we interacted. I still remember the day when we actually talked for the very 1st time and I got to know a little about her. Where she worked earlier…. what she did… where she is from. Again the way she told everything, it was so different. Ammm….I guess it was the unique calmness in her voice. And after that conversation I think I was less hesitant.

Then there was our Office Party “JASHAN”, which actually played a very important role, because it was that day after which we actually started talking. With every passing day we started exploring new things about each other, discovering each others interests and various things. We both shared our life stories, had various stupid discussions and what not.

And over this course of time I realized that really she is so different from others. After such a long time once again I found a person who was so modest, simple and understanding. Someone with whom I could share things and discuss various stuffs. A person who had time to listen to my crap and faltu stuff 😛

Its so amazing to know a person who shares some common interests and is like minded. I still don’t know how to describe this feeling. Its something that is so hard to pen down.

Also thanks to her, now I have someone with whom I can go for coffee 😛 😀 and chat when m bored like hell after coming from office. Its so strange but it has become a routine for me…coming back home and having some chit chat after having dinner until she sleeps (which is always around 10:30 pm) XD. And i’d much rather have one great person to talk to every night than have several pointless conversation with temporary people.

Well its an amazing feeling to have such an awesome person as my friend and I actually feel so lucky that I met her and got to know her.

Though I don’t expect her to have a similar feeling and moreover I don’t even know whether she counts me as a GOOD FRIEND of her or not. For me what matters is that.. she considers me her FRIEND. And that’s enough for me.

Well… I might look and sound stupid writing this post. But its worth writing as it will for sure go down as an important life event for me 🙂

And I wish we stay friends and our friendship grows even stronger 🙂 And the most important thing… I don’t end up irritating , suffocating and pissing her off with my stupidity XD

THANKS a lot NG…. U r amazing 😀 🙂 :* ^_^  


Does Covalent Bond Exists ?


Definition of Covalent Bond

A covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. These electron pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs and the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons is known as covalent bonding.

Covalent bond is the strongest of all the bonds.

Well, here I am not talking about the scientific definition of the covalent bond. Neither its about the bond formed between the atoms.

Here the covalent bond is the bond between two friends. The bond of friendship. The bond that is formed between two people !

I met someone one and a half years ago. Thanks to my friend and the CONFAB program that was started by IIITD. When we met for the first time we both were strangers to each other. But eventually we became friends. I guess good friends. We took same courses, did projects together and had a great time.

It was then when we decided to call our bond of friendship the COVALENT BOND. A bond of friendship that can never be broken. A bond that will last forever.

It was something unique. Not just the term, but the feeling of having a friend with whom you share such a bond.


But does COVALENT BOND really exist ?

HAHAHA…It do exist in the science books. But in real life if you think of Covalent Bond in terms of friendship, it does not exist !

The person whom you once considered your best friend turns stranger. The bond that you think will never be broken, eventually with time weakens up and breaks.

A day comes when you ask your friend a Question:


And the Answer you get is:


So this is the day when you realize the term COVALENT BOND was just a myth. And at the end what you are left with is some memories, a question – why did this happen and a broken bond.